Off the Top
Nightly Until 19 January
At Crazy Coqs
Julia Pascal


Performances Mon 13 Jan, Thur 16 Jan – Sun 19 Jan at 7pm


Jason Kravits’ cabaret at Crazy Coqs is wildly funny.  This singer-entertainer is so dynamic that I would suggest he be prescribed for those with the blues.  Kravits uses slips from the audience as his text.  These ask for words to live by, a place in the world, a thing, an adjective, a short phrase, the last text you sent or received.  All these papers are jumbled in a jar.  Kravits pulls them out at random.

His lucky dip inspires a song that he improvises on the spot.  The result is pure nonsense.  And it is very funny.

But it is not all madness.  His skill is pulling together all the elements of this absurdity in to a narrative which has to end positively because he is an American.  A study of his technique and style might show that he is part of a long line of Jewish wedding entertainers who would spout nonsense to ward off the evil eye.

Each performance will be different depending on what feeds he gets from the audience.  It is his spontaneity and neurological agility is what delights us.

This brilliant showman has terrific back up from fellow singer Ruth Bratt, pianist John Thorn, drummer Sophie Alloway and Jonny Gee on the bass.  I loved it.

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