Choreographed by Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Sadlers Wells 19, 20 September.
Julia Pascal




Sharon Eyal danced with Israel’s famous  Bathsheva Dance company and was House Choreographer from 2005-2012.  It is her genius that is at the source of this compulsive modern ballet which publicises itself as being ‘about love out of sync’.  Her dance influences  and vocabulary are eclectic with moments reminiscent of Nijinksy,  Bathsheva and Alvin Ailey. L-E-V OCD LOVE is daring and surprising.  The style is sinewy and sinuous and, at times, it looks like a thrilling lesson in human morphology.  It is a fine example of how muscle range can be challenged and how plastic a spine can be.  She uses solos, duos and, when the full company move in a tribal pulse, the effect is electric.

However the work is damned by the blanket effect of deafening techno music which brain-hammers the audience.  No doubt Gai Behar, Eyal’s collaborator, enjoys transferring the party music of Tel Aviv nightlife on to the London stage but this music is merely alienating with its homogeneous deathly banging.  Ori Litchtik is credited as the sound artist and we hear that he improvises for each show though he is not seen onstage.  No doubt Behar and Litchtik find this music cool and of the moment.  Sadly, this enthusiasm for techno-music means that audiences must suffers a neurological assault.  The monotony of incessant banging does not serve the strong visuals of Eyal’s inventions.  What a pity that such wonderful dance is sabotaged here by overproduced and banal music that is intended for those already high on substances that fry minds.

Julia Pascal © 2016.

7 OCD LOVE photo by Gil Shani.
14 OCD LOVE photo by Ron Kedmi.
L-E-V OCD Love (cred Regina Brocke) 1.jpg
L-E-V OCD Love (cred Regina Brocke) 2.
L-E-V OCD Love (cred Regina Brocke) 3.
1 OCD LOVE photo by Gil Shani.
1 OCD LOVE photo by Regina Brocke.
2 OCD LOVE photo by Gil Shani.
2 OCD LOVE photo by Regina Brocke.
3 OCD LOVE photo by Gil Shani.