1001 Days in London.

London, UK (24th March 2016): A unique three-year street-photography project officially begins Thursday, 24th March when an intriguing and intricate exhibition capturing the spirit of London, opens at gallery@oxo, South Bank, London, UK

1001 Days in London is an installation of black & white photographs by Steve Hollingshead of the events, the people and the places that define the distinctive creative character of London.  Each vignette is a moment captured on a different day during the years since the start of the Millennium.  The mass display immerses visitors in a captivating and inspiring exploration of the metropolis.

gallery@oxo  Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH

Private View: 23rd March 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition runs: 24th March – 10th April 2016   Daily 11.00 – 6.00   Admission Free

The spontaneous, candid images – from quiet intensity to grand gesture – offer a unique and personal insight into a teeming metropolis; a positive view of urban living, celebrating the creativity, diversity, eccentricity and spirituality of Londoners and London’s visitors.

Encouraging viewers to look at the people and places that give London its unique combination of cultural heritage, diversity, vitality and size, this edition of Hollingshead’s latest project has taken him across the capital capturing myriad free outdoor events, one-off and annual gatherings, spontaneous and regular happenings and poignant and playful moments in the city’s public realm.

Complementing the installation and integral to the project is the photographer’s idiosyncratic blog – a developing on-line catalogue for the exhibition.  From the exhibition images (where only the date of the photograph is displayed) one picture is uploaded daily, accompanied by the image details, the story surrounding the event, alternative views and links.

The blog is due for ‘completion’ with all 1001 stories uploaded by late July 2018 after which an extensive multi-media display featuring material explored in the blog will conclude the project that spans over fifteen years of London life.  It will be as valid an archive and as eccentric as the visual record.

In the interim two years, further presentations of the launching exhibition will be displayed in enhanced and innovative ways, in diverse venues and environments across the capital.

Catalan ‘Casteller’ human tower, Borough Market
Sumo Run, Battersea Park
Sri Lankan Chariot Festival, West Ealing
Colombians watching World Cup, Elephant & Castle
Andrew Logan’s ‘Alternative Miss World’ Globe
Hot Cross Bun Ceremony, Bromley-by-Bow
Charles I Commemoration Ceremony, Whitehall
Concorde’s last journey, Westminster
Handlebar Moustache Club, Marylebone
Parliamentary Pancake Race, Westminster