Dear Valentine? A review of “Love & Sex: 50 therapy lessons”

Paperback and Kindle

Irene Press

194 pp

ISBN 9781911047032

ISBN 9781911047001




In “Love and Sex: fifty therapy lessons” psychotherapist Patricia Morris assembles a few of the many observations that arise when listening attentively to people speaking about how their relationships work or don’t.

When you listen over many years to hundreds of people, from all walks of life, talking confidentially about their relationships, patterns suggest themselves even while each person’s individuality remains vivid.

Patients feeling vulnerable want to be heard seriously, want respect and emotional reassurance, want some insight into their suffering.  They want this before they want instruction or a summing up.

While it could be inappropriate during a psychotherapy session for a therapist to introduce some of the material recorded in this book, the information and interpretations that it contains will be of interest to readers wanting to explore the complexity of relationships as well as the process of psychotherapy and counselling.

“Love and Sex: fifty therapy lessons” comprises short numbered sections that can be read in any order.  The first nine focus on a few aspects of the process of psychotherapy and counselling.  The rest, while disguising identities, address some examples of people’s difficulties in love and sexual relationships, their endings, their absence, their fragile beginnings.

The author is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and counsellor based in London, England.