The exhibition Drawing the Line features David Harker’s drawings & paintings, with accompanying poems by Tamar Yoseloff

Drawing the Line
An exhibition of work by David Harker
At the Poetry Café until June 27th
22 Betterton Street,
London WC2H 9BX


David Harker’s drawings and paintings are currently on show at The Poetry Society in an exhibition titled Drawing the Line. The images of landscape are wide ranging: a scrubland, as in AL 151;

AL151 drawing amended for print DARKER IIIFINAL PRINT

a Historical document, as in the ruins of Bolus Head;

BOLUS HEAD final print

or an urban environment at the intersection of nature and the built environment, as in 16th Arrondissement:

16 arrondisement I PRINT IV


The exhibition is also accompanied by a book of text and images titled Nowheres which is the result of a collaboration between David Harker and the poet and writer, Tamar Yoseloff. In Nowheres, David Harker’s  landscapes represent man-made construction in the context of nature, in some cases barely evident and others overwhelmingly so.

Tamar Yoseloff’s poems and prose put other possible interpretations upon David Harker’s landscapes.  The texts suggest that the landscapes could provide places for a character to inhabit, or a starting point for poetic reflection. In the book Nowheres the images are not illustrations; instead they reflect something of the environment described in the texts. Each text and each image is discrete and self-contained, but also shares common ground with the others.

Arising from a shared interest in provisional and transitional landscapes, Nowheres also explores the creative possibilities inherent in the interaction of Poetry, prose and Visual Art.