The Bunker Trilogy – Agamemnon. C Nova Venue. Julia Pascal.

This is a loose telling of the Agamemnon myth powerfully set in the final stages of World War 1.

James Marlowe’s charismatic Agamemnon is a Lancashire lad who joins up leaving his pregnant wife Clytemenstra played by the gifted Bebe Sanders.  The narrative is flashed from the battlefield and jumps back to the first date, marriage and setting up home.  The catalyst for Clytemenestra’s rage, in Jamie Wilkes’ exciting play, is his liaison with a Belgian prostitute.  The human and political war zone takes place in a tiny ‘bunker’ space where the audience is part of the sandbags and wadding.  This is a dense mise-en-scène with powerful performances by the whole ensemble.  Jethro Compton’s direction has a rare beauty that links Greek mythology with English puritan guilt.  It also contains a strong sense of musicality from composer Johnny Sims and Ella Wahlstrom.

Until July 25 at 6.20pm. 1 hour 5 mins

Julia Pascal © 2014.