Great Artists Steal. Theatretraverse. The Space. Venue 45. Julia Pascal.


Seamus Collins’ inventive text is a sweet curiosity about invention, language, sexuality and murder.  The style is absurdist clowning but, although the production seems quite innocent, the play covers dark material about the ownership of ideas and creation.  Theatretraverse’s ensemble play mainly white face and the French Lecoq influence is clear in a piece that is both in French and a kind of crazy English.  We are in the territory of Ionesco and Beckett but the work is not derivative.  The three actors Melanie Tanneau, Siva Nagapattinam Kasi and Cédric Mérillon perform with great power in Joanne Allan’s clever production.  Highly recommended for adults and children.

Ends 23 August. 8.35pm.

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