From Berlin to Broadway. Bremner sings the songs of Kurt Weill. Edinburgh Fringe The Loft. Julia Pascal.


For lovers of German prewar art, music and theatre, this performance is a treat.  Bremner unashamedly declares his obsession with Kurt Weill.  The performance is an inviting mixture of snippets of history, moments from Bremner’s own travels and Weill’s music.  Bremner’s singing is amazing.  He is a true artiste and his voice has a spicy warmth and immense power.

In his choice from Weill’s repertoire, of course he sings the haunting hit, Mack the Knife from The Threepenny Opera but he also  takes us on a fascinating journey through the Weill’s enforced exile from Hitler’s Germany and allows us to understand Weill the Wanderer through his music.  Mack The Knife is well known but Weill’s Lieder and French work are not.  Wittily Bremner offers us insight into the unorthodox marriage between Weill and the singer/actor Lotte Lenya.  They may both have had many other lovers but they remained faithful to one another too.  It is terrible that Weill died at 50 when he was just beginning his new career in the US but it is marvellous that Bremner allows Weill to still live on.

to 14 August and touring.

Julia Pascal © 2014.