Baba Brinkman – The Rap Guide to Religion. Gilded Balloon. Julia Pascal.


This is a fabulously intelligent rap event which doubles as a comic lecture on religion.  Brinkman is an atheist who  takes on the Abrahamic religions to deconstruct and re-examine the rise in world faith.  He recognises rap as a new form of epic poetry and therefore offers his audience an exciting adventure.  Brinkman shows how belief connects to mass poverty and that ‘the more miserable you are the more religious you are’.  He’s from Scottish Presbyterian stock and, when he tells of his own family’s history, he makes the theory personal.  His theory is that religion is an evolutionary way of producing more and more babies.  He’s an original and delightful performer whose brain is sharp as an asp.

14:30.  Ends 25 August.

Julia Pascal © 2014.