The Secret Listeners is a Pascal Theatre Company, year long project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  It is based on the transcripts of German and Austrian Jewish refugees who worked as secret listeners for the British Government during World War Two.

Records at the National Archive in Kew reveal that Hitler’s Generals knew about war crimes committed by the Wehrmacht  which challenged the myth that they were not implicated in genocide.  Conversations recorded in houses such as Trent Park, from as early as 1943, show that these prisoners had witnessed mass killings of Jews by German soldiers.  The evidence supports the supposition that the British government was informed as early as 1943.

Phase One of The Secret Listeners was the site specific Installation Experience at Trent Park in July 2012 that revealed some of  the  conversations that had been recorded.  Rehearsed and performed by volunteers who were mentored by theatre and arts professionals, the Company now presents Phase Two.

Phase Two is comprised of a short performance by young people from Edgware District Reform Synagogue inspired by those same recordings.   This will be followed by the premiere of a short film, Fritz Lustig: Secret Listener by Mark Norfolk.

There will be a discussion panel and a Q&A.

The discussion panel includes**

Julia Pascal               Producer, Pascal Theatre Company
Fritz Lustig                Secret Listener during World War Two
Thomas Kampe         Director of The Secret Listeners Trent Park July 2012
Mark Norfolk             Film-maker for The Secret Listeners Trent Park July 2012
Jonathan Meth          Project Educational Co-ordinator The Secret Listeners
Lesley Lightfoot        Trent Park/Middlesex University

** subject to availability

Listings Information

Sunday 20 January 2013 at 2:30pm
Jewish Museum
Raymond Burton House
129-131 Albert Street
London NW1 7NB
Booking: +44 (0) 20 7284 7384

Tickets: £10.00


We are partnered by The Wiener Library and The Jewish Military Museum for this project and future dissemination of the project.

With thanks to: Soenke Neitzel whose book Tapping The Generals (Frontline Books) provided additional source material, The National Archives, Kew; Sally Mijit for additional research, Artistic Consultant Adam Ganz.

Also available dvd of Secret Listeners: ‘The Tour’ (57 mins) by Mark Norfolk.

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Photographs: Mike Tsang