Edible Art – Choccywoccydoodah.
Originally from Brighton, the Choccywoccydoodah express has arrived in London, with all its quirky and kitsch chocolate majesty.   In March 2012, Carnaby Street’s newest neighbour settled in, bringing  its crowds of devoted Choccy fans.
We were treated to an afternoon of decadent chocolate treats starting with salted caramel milkshake.  Who knew my favourite food addiction, salted caramel, can be consumed in so many forms?  Then onto a secret tea party, fit for any Alice in wonderland fan, with a cornucopia of choccy made truffles and retro sweets.  Nestled in the upper floors a surprise awaits any choccy fan,  a secret garden of chocolately delight.
I can imagine choccywoocydoodah won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Nor do I expect it tries to be.  It was an interesting afternoon, having a very out of the ordinary tea party.

Eve Malick

© August 2012

Angela Carter

Lady in the House of Love.  Stage production (1998)  directed by Daniel Carey

Secret Listeners

Photographs: Mike Tsang

The Alternative Guide to the Universe

Hayward Gallery, 11 June – 26 August 2013.

Souzu – Outsider Art from Japan

Wellcome Collection, 28 March – 30 June 2013.

Woman on a Bus: 14 Scenes

Gabriele vom Brück is a lecturer in the Anthropology of the Middle East at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.
View of San‘a