DM & P + Temperatures

Friday 3rd February 2012

Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £5 advance / £6 on the door

London free-rock duo Temperatures pair up with DM&P a trio from Krakow/Poland that chase two saxophonists and electronics with a radical and organic free improvisation using custom-written software.


Stalwarts of the Scena Krakowska improvised music scene, DM&P Trio’s somewhat schizophrenic musical explorations are fuelled by a belief in the raw expression of extreme emotions and total creative freedom. Special emphasis is placed on the gestural electronic manipulation of live acoustic signals from the two saxophones. This process results in a highly unusual form of interaction that rejects phoney aesthetic, cultural or social boundaries.

Although explosive streams of abrasive noise undoubtedly form an integral part of their live performances, DM&P’s improvisations are often the product an entirely earnest process of self-questioning. In practice this can lead to episodes of raucous humour or elation, urgent silences or a dragging minimalism couched in an almost desperate nostalgia for times that never were but maybe should have been.

A key aspect of this project’s working methods is their reliance on innovative solutions in the music programming field. For several years now, Pawe? Dziadur has been constantly refining wave_attack, a self-designed computer application which enables him to improvise in real time through careful selection and transformation of live acoustic input. As this programme has increased in sophistication, the scope for creative expression expands exponentially presenting a bewildering yet strangely seductive array of potential creative paths.

Their debut album, “Insular Dwarfism”, which was released in 2010 by Audiotong, has received almost universally positive reviews.

Pawel Dziadur – electronics
Slawomir Maler – alto saxophone
Philip Palmer – alto saxophone

“DM&P Trio have created a debut that lifts sound investigation to a new level. The main reason why I’ve fallen in love with Insular Dwarfism is because of the sheer uniqueness of the instrumentation and the recording process. This is challenging music for challenging thinkers.” – JazzWrap


“Temperatures are a London based duo of bassist/vocalist Peter Blundell and drummer James Dunn, who strip the form back to the bone, relying on the natural properties of their instruments, a handful of pedals and a synth wired up to the drums to create unruly, improvised Noise rock.

The obvious comparison would be Lightning Bolt, but Temperatures have a less bludgeoning, more light-footed approach, with Dunn’s drumming owing more to free jazz than hardcore, even hints of Prog. But there’s an infectious sense of irreverence and adventure that stops them getting bogged down anywhere too long.” Daniel Spicer, The WIRE

James Dunn – drums/synth
Peter Blundell – bass/vocals

“bear witness to a stage-managed collapse into utter formlessness and incoherent, spastic riffing that’s simply phenomenal.” Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector