Ten images by Charles Girdham

All the images in the slide show below are presented full frame, uncropped. Occasionally images are rotated slightly to correct distracting misaligned horizontals and verticals. Image manipulations are confined to exposure corrections, white balance corrections (in the case of some night shots, and a few others), and elimination of dust and scratches in some of the film scans. Images are not otherwise manipulated. All the distortion, for example of colour, seen in some of my night shots, is achieved using the properties of the camera itself rather than post-manipulation – say,  long exposures and reliance on the inherent colour shifting properties of the camera CCD.

Photography has been presenting interpretations of the truth subjectively rather than objectively since its invention (and claims to the contrary are sophistry at best).  However, I want to make images of the world as it is when I press the shutter. With the advent of digital image manipulation programmes (of which Adobe Photoshop is the leader and standard), “anything” is possible: an image needs to bear as little or as much relation to objects in the real world as the photographer desires. This very sophistication in the ability to manipulate photographic images, far exceeding anything possible in a traditional darkroom, prompts me to try to achieve some verisimilitude without resorting to tidying up those little details that might mar a picture’s aesthetics.

Charles Girdham

All photographs exhibited here were taken by and are copyrighted to Charles Girdham.
30 March 2008

6. Beachy Head, Sussex.
7. Canary Wharf and Docklands from Woolwich, London.
8. Docklands, London.
9. Docklands, London.
10. Dungeness Beach and Power Station, Kent.
1. India.
2. North Downs, Kent.
3. Tate Modern, London.
4. Lankatilake Temple, near Kandy.
5. Ville Savoye, Poissy, near Paris.